Web-based and easy to use

WeTrack is a simple web application that can be accessed on any device. This means more staff will be entering and using information, whether they are at their desks or on their tablets. When combined with notifications, document upload space and risk reporting, WeTrack will be the central project management tool for your organisation.

Red, Amber and Green (RAG) rating system

A RAG rating system allows instinctive comparison of different tasks across departments and projects within an organisation. Red = Slipped, Amber = Slipping, Green = On Track, Blue = Complete. When everything goes blue, the project/event is complete (yipeee!) 

Training and Support

After WeTrack has been set up, one of our team can be on site or online to give a series of training seminars. These include a step-by-step tutorial, support materials and a Q&A session. Subsequently, we have an online help area, electronic feedback forms and a telephone and email help desk to help your team get the most out of the system.

See how these features come together in WeTrack

Customised yo You!

WeTrack is highly customised for each of our clients. All your departments, projects, reference codes and management structure are incorporated into the system. 

With different editing rights and confidentiality settings, you can be sure sensitive information isn’t being misused or adjusted incorrectly. Tasks are created by you, on a time scale that suits the project. A consultant from WeTrack will be on site to guide you through the setup phases. If you need data feeds to or from other systems, we can build these too.

Excellent Reporting

We know how important reporting is. Whether it’s at the front line, to senior management or to external stakeholders everyone wants up-to-date and relevant information, presented in an understandable way.

All parts of WeTrack, including the diverse set of inbuilt reports, can be emailed, printed or shared at the click of a button. Alternatively, you can have the reports you are most interested in emailed to you automatically at a frequency that suits you.

Sensible Pricing

We believe that organisations shouldn’t be penalised when more people use the system. In fact, it’s only when a system’s use becomes widespread does its full potential materialise. As such, we charge a flat rate, giving an organisation unlimited user profiles.

Project management teams are expensive; by creating WeTrack in a manner that allows everyone to be responsible for updating their parts of the project we are confident WeTrack can offer large savings to your company.