Project Management

Complex Project Management Made Easy

Create a full and detailed timeline for your event or project, collaborate effectively with automated reports and notifications, map dependencies, store and share documents, all within WeTrack’s intuitive Project Management system, which makes the complex easy.


Project page in WeTrack with full details and task list.


Overall project RAG status is aggregated from all its constituent tasks.


Attach files and write comments at project and task level.


Tasks are grouped into task groups to allow better organisation of data


Task lists allow quick editing of information, updating RAG status, adding sub-tasks, etc.


Task action owners are notified of any upcoming deadlines or changes in status, etc.

Visual progress tracking

Whether it is through the configurable dashboard, a specific project page, the Gantt Chart or calendar views, or through our D3 Data Visualiser (see right), in WeTrack you get a visual overview of progress which allows you to drill down quickly to the specific and detailed information you need.

Configured and secure

However your organisation is setup, WeTrack can be configured to suit your needs. Our varied permissions settings allow you to restrict access to very specific parts of the system, which is very useful if you want external contractors to use the system but to only see and edit information relating to their own work.

Risk Management

Aligned Risk Register and Project Timeline

Risk and issue management is an integral part of your project planning so it makes sense that systems for the two would be fully integrated. In WeTrack risks can be assigned to the same departments and people that are carrying our your projects, can be assigned to the same projects and linked to specific tasks to ensure that nothing slips through the cracks.

Mitigation, step-by-step

Break down risks and issues into the steps needed to mitigate or resolve them. Each step can be assigned to a different person, have its own due date, etc. but each must be completed for the risk to be deemed completed or closed.

Incident Management

Simplicity and Security

Incident Management Systems are usually incredibly complex and difficult to use, meaning large events often resort to radios, pen and paper. WeTrack’s IMS uses the same intuitive interface as its PM software, allowing a seamless transition for users from longer term risk management to hour-by-hour incident management.

While WeTrack Incident Management is easy enough for any user on the ground to raise an incident, it is structured to allow complex analysis of and reporting on incident data, while maintaining WeTrack’s strict permission and accessibility levels.

Accuracy and Accessibility

WeTrack Incident Management allows incidents to be raised through a simple form from any mobile device. By adding full context and description, assigning incident owners, attaching photos of the incident, and describing or geo-locating the exact location, you can be sure that there is enough information for the incident to be properly dealt with as soon as possible.

Map views allow you to see the spread of incidents across your site, while trend information highlights any teams or areas becoming more susceptible to problems.

Run Sheets

Real-Time Event Schedules Made Easy

Another module created for the event management industry, the Run Sheet module has been designed for listing the key activities on a particular day, including who is responsible for it, when it will take place, where it will take place, and any other information that is useful to know.

In contrast to the traditional way of creating Run Sheets, where an administrator finds the relevant information from multiple sources and enters it manually onto a spreadsheet, WeTrack Run Sheets can take the information from many different sources and aggregate them together automatically to form the master Run Sheet, saving many hours of work and greatly reducing human error.

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