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  • The pressures of COVID-19 are hitting us all hard
  • We want to help you to make your operations better
  • We exist to save you time, money and risk

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The operational challenge for event and venue managers is growing

Complexity, expectations and risk are going up, time and money are going down, and the pressures of COVID-19 are hitting us all hard.

We can help you get the basics right.

You need:

  • Complete oversight of your operations
  • A fully collaborative workforce
  • Risks, issues and incidents to be identified and dealt with swiftly

Our job:

  • Make operations better through COVID-19 and beyond
  • Unify operations from planning, through readiness, to delivery
  • Save you time, money and risk



So what does WeTrack do?

We provide event delivery software to deliver great events, run great venues or manage great organisations

What is Event Delivery Software?

Event delivery software is an integrated set of tools which provide continuity throughout event planning and delivery. By keeping your team of event operators or venue managers together in one online environment, it allows for much better information flow.

WeTrack helps organisations deliver better events, manage their venues better or simply improve operations.

We help you develop your plans, make sure the whole team is on the same page, and allow you to manage through to a successful event and learn lessons for the next. We also support governance, risk management and decision making.

WeTrack provides one home for your operations software - allowing continuity, collaboration and consistency. It is a highly customisable system allowing event operators to work more efficiently and at less cost.

We can integrate with many other systems you may need or currently use. We're here to help you, after all.

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Want to learn more about event delivery software? Earlier this year we wrote a short explainer on how it can make your operations better.

And how can WeTrack help you save?

We are committed to giving you a clear and large return on your investment - helping you to improve your operations to save time and money

We provide this...


  • High quality modules to suit your needs, seamlessly interchanging from long-term planning, through readiness and into operational delivery as required
  • A single source of truth, online and easy to update and share
  • Data-driven decision-making underpinned by bespoke, automated reports
  • Full visibility over your event, venue or organisation, with collaboration across your team and assurance to stakeholders
  • Consultation to understand what is or could be limiting operational efficiency, and support and advice on industry best practice save you this


  • Hours spent manually compiling reports, preparing for meetings and actioning changes afterwards
  • Hours spent training on multiple, complicated systems for every part of your operations
  • Unnecessary headcount, flights or consultant costs
  • Poorly tracking risks, not meeting audits and regulations satisfactorily, and not having confidence in the safety and security of your event, venue or organisation
  • Making the same mistakes and not continually refining your operations

Calculate it for yourself! Take our quick ROI calculator here.

Project Management

WeTrack helps you get your project and event planning on track

Enhance collaboration, continuity and efficiency

We will give your project management the base it needs to succeed, importing your existing plans, training your team, and being available for support. With automatic notification, increased collaboration, and automated reporting, more efficient project management will save you pounds and hours.

  • Plan and build schedules for your team and manage large projects
  • See visual overviews and get notified when things need attention
  • Collaborate better with teams, users and other stakeholders




Risk and Issue Management

WeTrack helps you manage risk efficiently

It's one of the most important things you can do

The later issues and incidents are dealt with, the more expensive they become; audits and regulations might not be met satisfactorily; and you might not have confidence in the safety and security of your operations. We give you the tools to change that.

  • Save costs by identifying risks early when they are cheaper to resolve
  • Track your risks through to completion with mitigation and contingency plans
  • Ensure no dislocation between project plans and risk registers





WeTrack helps you get your people and assets ready

Readiness programmes are enormously complex

WeTrack's readiness module helps you claw back control, saving you time, money and headcount. Record actions and lessons, automatically generate reports, and get your operations ready in a coherent and confident way.

  • Excellent visibility of your entire readiness programme
  • Simple to use interface with visual dashboard summaries and widgets
  • Capture test results, actions, and lessons learned




Venue Checks

WeTrack helps you automate your checks before opening and beyond

Confidence in your operations

Automating your venue checks allows more efficiency in preparing your site beforehand and provides an indelible audit trail for accountability afterwards. This saves you unnecessary time and money in your venue management, with a clear oversight of your venue that lets you deal with problems as they arise.

  • Mark results as you carry them out, on mobile, immediately informing control
  • Overview the progress of site-wide checks on an interactive control dashboard
  • Create and assign jobs so that any failed checks can be dealt with




Run Sheets

WeTrack helps you manage your on-site activity the modern way

Modernise your event day running orders

Paper run sheets take ages to make, aren't interactive, and contain outdated information almost immediately. This wastes time and money! Increase engagement and see instant timing changes to make your on-site operations as efficient as possible, staying ahead of the game rather than behind it.

  • Much better visibility of who does what, where and when
  • Fully interactive with maps, timing dependencies and notifications
  • Automatic personalised run sheets sent to each user


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Incident Management

WeTrack helps you digitise and manage your event and venue control

Gain real control

Take advantage of automatic reporting, review logs and increase speed of decision-making. The quicker you resolve problems, the better the experience for your attendees, the safer your site, and the more time and money you'll save. Arm yourself with the tools needed to deal with incidents efficiently every time.

  • Configure a system to fit the specific needs of your venue or event
  • Visually map out overlay and develop contingency plans
  • Combine incidents, logs, and checklists




Reporting and Lessons Learned

WeTrack helps you report on every stage of your planning and delivery

Automated reports that save you hours

Get automated, interactive reports sent straight to your inbox at the click of a button. Save yourself hours a week creating reports with custom templates that can be filtered, sorted, chopped and stitched together, giving the huge range of options you need as well as being pretty enough to share with stakeholders.

  • Build fully filterable, custom reports, add titles and summaries, and layer reports
  • Save favourite and suggested reports for your team or configure individually
  • View in browser, download to PDF or Excel or send automatically by email




We've helped some of the world's best events, venues and organisations to save

Craig Mathie, Managing Director at Bournemouth 7s

"It's vital that any software we use adds real value to our team and increases the efficiency of the operation...WeTrack does exactly that"

logo line

Lizzy Bennett, Head of Programme Management at the Cricket World Cup 2019

"The ambition for CWC19 was to have one single source of truth for all the actions, milestones, issues, risks and tournament-time incidents, and WeTrack provided us with the best solution"

More client stories

Conclusion: We have to provide value

We've realised that it's not enough to tell you about software that is pretty and has X, Y and Z functionality. We need to demonstrate to you how much value we can provide to your operations - and how much time, money and risk we can save.

That's what we've started to do here. If you think that your operations might benefit from using WeTrack but you're not sure if you can justify the cost, we'd love to continue the conversation. We exist to save you time and money!

We have also produced a white paper to sit alongside this one. It's not WeTrack-specific; it looks more widely at the value of SaaS, operations software and the power of both data and the digital in enabling you to make gains across your operations. You can find that one here, or below.

Thank you.

Peter Ward, Managing Director at WeTrack

White Paper: how event operators and venue managers can use software to save costs

Now more than ever, the bottom line is what matters - in this white paper we take a more general look at the gains that could be made from using venue or event operations software.

If you're just here for the WeTrack brochure, the download button you want is just below.

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  • The pressures of COVID-19 are hitting us all hard
  • We want to help you to make your operations better
  • We exist to save you time, money and risk

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