Operating your Event or Venue

A 7-step framework for your operations during COVID-19.

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Operating your Event or Venue

A 7-step framework for your operations during COVID-19.

Helping venues and events to keep going

COVID-19 has been devastating to the events, leisure and hospitality sectors. The nature of these industries is to encourage people to gather, celebrate and enjoy a shared experience, all of which are made extremely difficult with social distancing. Coronavirus and events don't mix well, and the sector will probably be one of the last to re-open for business.

That's why your ongoing operations and governance now take on even greater importance. Strategic projects, COVID-19 specific planning and contingency and mitigation planning have become a priority and our range of modules can give you the confidence you need. We've supported the ongoing project management and governance of the FIA, the FIVB, Commonwealth Games England and many more.

When events do return in your country, you will need to satisfy regulatory bodies, licencing requirements, governing authorities, your staff and also gain the confidence of your customers to open in a way that is safe and commercially viable. You will need auditable and accessible records to prove due diligence at every stage of the operational process.

Below is our simple seven-step process to work to fulfil this. Users can use all, some or none of WeTrack's systems to achieve these goals.

We want to help you get through this.

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Challenges faced

  • Financial shortfalls and the need to scrutinise every operational cost
  • Remote working and the difficulties of collaboration
  • Gaining the confidence of your customers that you are operating responsibly
  • The need for audit trails and contingency plans every step of the way
  • Satisfying regulatory bodies and governing authorities that you are re-opening your event, venue or attraction in a safe and efficient way

How WeTrack can help

  • A single source of truth for coherence across your entire organisation, with systems that cover your entire suite of work
  • Integrate your added COVID-19 projects, risks & issues into your existing "business as usual" operations
  • Ensure accountability with a full audit trail and interactive reports showing due diligence in all aspects of your operations
  • Redistribute headcount and save time and money by maximising efficiency

How WeTrack can help to solve this challenge

Protect your visitors, protect your staff, and protect your organisation. Leverage digital technologies to automate full audit trails and reduce costs in headcount.

Who is this designed for?

This is designed for events, venues, federations and organisations of any type that are facing the challenge of continuing to operate day-to-day and eventually re-opening sites or public-facing activities safely and in a way that is commercially viable after COVID-19. Whether you're an international sporting federation, sporting venue, music venue, exhibition hall or theme park, we want to help.

How do we know we can trust so much of our operations to WeTrack?

We have experience of working with international, national and local events and venues to deliver great entertainment for audiences ranging from the tens and hundreds to the thousands. We have also worked with clients who are managing a venue, running a federation or delivering particular complex projects. You can see our full client list here, and we'd love to talk to you to discuss how we can help your operations succeed.

Sounds like it would be difficult to set up?

You have enough planning and mitigation to contend with without having to learn how to use complicated systems. We're here to make it easier. We will review your existing data, apply it to our systems and get you succeeding with WeTrack as quickly as possible. Our tailored training and support is designed to save you time and money at a time when you need it most.

Do you have templates we could use?

Yes. We can direct you through populating any existing data into WeTrack quickly and easily while also helping you with further building out of your project, risk, and on-site planning. We've worked with clients that are migrating from a different project management system as well as ones that currently manage their operations on spreadsheets.

How much would this cost?

This depends on the size of your organisation and the modules you choose to use. However, we know that you would turn to WeTrack to improve your operations while saving money, not spending more. So we'd discuss your operational needs and develop a proposal that works for you. We exist to save you time, money and risk!

Introducing WeTrack

We provide you with the tools to make the complex simple.

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