WeTrack: Award-Winning Project Management and Readiness Software

WeTrack was designed by event operators, for event operators.

It allows you to plan, track and report event progress in one central system.

With years of design and development, it makes the complex, simple.

Not just your average Gantt Chart…

Web Based

A more efficient way of your staff entering and using information, even on the go.

RAG System

Traffic light system allows for visual comparisons of areas across an organisation.

Bespoke For You

A system configured to your exact needs, on a time scale to suit your project.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long will it take to set up?

We can do full imports of all your current data so once we’ve helped you decide the best way to set up and use WeTrack we can transfer you over within 48 hours

What about training my team?

We will train your team as often as needed – we are always on hand to help! We take pride in the fact that the average user needs just 30 mins of training time to be comfortable with the system and Admin users can learn everything there is to know (about WeTrack) in less than half a day… compare that to some of our competitors!

Can it scale, we have a lot of tasks?

We have developed WeTrack so that it can scale up or down depending on your requirements. We do not recommend WeTrack if you simply need a short checklist for an individual (a spreadsheet would suffice in that case) but when you have multiple projects, action owners, departments and projects we can easily scale up to your requirements.

How can I be sure my team will use it properly?

This is a common question surrounding new systems and for good reason. In short, there isn’t a 100% guarantee. However, by creating a system that is easy to use, reliable, quick, available on all devices and provides useful and time-saving information, we are confident your team will start to use it and then never look back…

Can I sign up for a demo?

Because WeTrack is much more tailored to each client that normal Software as a Service (SaaS) packages you cannot currently sign up to a generic demo account. Having said that, just send us an email to info@wetrack.com and we can easily set you up with a short screen share demo to see if WeTrack is right for you.


We are always looking for exceptional individuals to join our team. In particular, sales managers and developers are always wanted.

If you thrive on responsibility and want to be part of a growing start up, please send your CV and covering letter to info@wetrack.com