Incident and Control

Simple, powerful and affordable event and venue control systems.

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Incident and Control

Simple, powerful and affordable event and venue control systems.

Challenges faced

There has been a realisation over the last decade that venues and events increasingly need to digitise much of their event control and health & safety processes. Reasons for this include being able to take advantage of automatic reporting, review auditable logs in the case of any legal enquiries and increase speed of decision making, among many other factors.

However, not all event control systems are made equal and common problems we see (where a system is in place) include:

  • Systems built on old technology that cannot keep up with modern needs
  • Poorly-designed user interfaces with too much information and functionality 
  • Standalone systems that don’t integrate with any other part of the organisation’s planning

How WeTrack can help

WeTrack provides tools that are extremely easy to use so that your teams’ focus goes into resolving the issues, not understanding software.

Our highly flexible set of components have been used by some of the best events in the world. We will help you to:

  • Configure a system to fit the specific needs of your venue or event
  • Visually map out overlay, structures, etc.
  • Develop contingency plans that can be automatically activated
  • Combine incidents, logs, checklists, tasks and jobs


The Details

  • Configure all parts of the system and terminology
  • Draw venues, zones, etc. with geolocation and site map overlays
  • What3Words mapping integration
  • Upload policies and procedures and automate their activation
  • Add photos, notes, agencies, action owners, tags and severity ratings
  • Use online or offline
  • Advanced, automated reporting for all your handover reports
  • Indelible audit trail for all actions in case of any legal challenges later
  • Confidential incidents, varied user permissions
  • Superb mobile experience
  • Weather warnings sent straight to you
  • Intuitive dashboards and infographics
  • Customisable and informative notifications
  • Cross reference items and use @ to notify colleagues
  • Integrates with other systems you may need

Implementing WeTrack’s incident and event control module can take as little as 2 hours from contract signing to live use. Generally, we like to follow the steps below:

  1. An onboarding specialist reviews processes and reporting requirements
  2. We help configure the system or show you how to
  3. WeTrack provides training onsite or online, depending on requirements
  4. You’re up and running and WeTrack is available to support you at any time

During the onboarding phase you are assigned a dedicated account manager to help you get started, along with their phone number and personal email address.

After the training phase has been completed, WeTrack’s online support guide contains a wealth of material on the incident management system, including videos and forums. It can be found here and we recommend using that as first place to look if you want any guidance or inspiration.

In addition, you can use the in-app chat widget to talk to one of our team or you can send us an email to

How does WeTrack work

Still not sure what we do? This very short video should help!


How WeTrack can help you

No two events or venues are the same and we pride ourselves on making highly customisable solutions.

Please get in touch using this form and we can organise a quick call to learn more about you and whether WeTrack can help.