White Papers

Below are our collection of guides written to support your planning and operations.

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White Papers

Below are our collection of guides written to support your planning and operations.

Measuring and Improving Standards: A Guide for Sustainability Tracking

This guide is full of information and resources on sustainability for sport, events and venues, and how best to track it.

Explore key themes of sustainability, discover external frameworks and be introduced to WeTrack's sustainability tracking software.

Operating with Confidence: A Guide for Safety and Security at Venues and Events

This guide gives venue operators, safety officers and operations directors articles, resources and best practices to improve the safety and security of your site in 2022.

With COVID-19, Martyn's Law and all of the usual challenges facing venue and event professionals, we want you to have visibility over your whole site - and be confident that it is secure and ready to welcome visitors.

Perfect Event Delivery: A Guide for Major Event Operations Centres

This guide gives major event operators the tools to manage secure, efficient and accountable event control. Taking experience from a variety of major events including Olympic Games, Special Olympics and non-sport Mega Events, it considers venue checks, run sheets and incident management.

Everyone relies on the operations centre - even those who don't really know it exists! Get the information flow working efficiently and you'll be on your way to operating a successful major event.

Laying Solid Foundations: A Guide for Major Event Programme Management

This guide was written to help the world's best events start their planning in the right way. Covering programme management, risk management, reporting, learnings from London 2012 and more, we want to give you best practices to ensure the successful planning and delivery of your major event.

Thank you for reading and we hope you find the guide useful.

Project Management: Empower Your Team

This guide provides you with best practices, from basic to advanced principles, to drive efficiency and deliver successful projects. 

As well as the basics, it looks at software, reporting, risk management, sustainability tracking and other essentials to consider if you are responsible for delivering successful projects.

Best practices for event control in the new normal

This white paper considers best practices, insights, and interviews related to delivering great event control as more and more events and venues re-open around the world. With sections on event control, incident management, venue checks, run sheets, Martyn's Law and resources, you will find plenty in here to boost your operations.

Thank you for reading and for the full PDF of the white paper, please download it.

The Complete Guide to Risks and Issues

This white paper looks at risk, issue and opportunity management - vital, but typically neglected - and provides articles, insights and resources to help organisations better understand and manage risks, issues and opportunities.

You'll find articles in there on the difference between risks, issues and opportunities, building an organisational approach to risk management, managing risk for events, and lots more, including a risk register template to get you started.

Thank you for reading.

Are you ready for Tokyo and Beijing?

We have produced a white paper addressing the challenges faced by National Olympic Committees in programme management, risk management, readiness and test exercises, event operations and much more as you enter an intense twelve months.

With two Olympic Games imminent, you need to be saving time and money and gaining control of the complexity wherever possible. We've pulled together some articles and insights for where our areas of expertise do overlap.

Thank you for reading and feel free to download a copy to keep.

Use operations software to save you time and money

Download our white paper to see how event operators and venue managers can use software to save costs. The backdrop to this paper is a bleak one for the industry, and we want to help businesses survive and emerge more sustainably.

The paper includes articles on the value of data, managing risk, choosing project and event management software, and much more, to help you with major events, venue management, or any aspect of your operations: we all know that there are savings to be made.


Martyn's Law and Venue Security

This short guide introduces Martyn's Law, the proposed piece of legislation to better protect the British public in public places and spaces against the threat of terrorism. It was devised by Figen Murray, the mother of Martyn Hett who tragically died along with 22 others in a terrorist bombing at Manchester Arena in 2017.

It aims to mobilise action in improving the security of venues and events in the UK.

In this guide we introduce the proposed legislation, detail its key requirements and explore how venues can follow it to improve the safety and security of their site and visitors.

Helping venues and events to open again

Download our white paper to view our 7-step framework for re-opening venues and events during and after COVID-19. It includes articles on aligning your 'business as usual' and COVID-19 projects, seven pre-opening checks for your event or venue, and using digital run sheets to manage your event or venue's return.

Please get in touch if you would like to discuss any of the guide in more detail or are interested in hearing how WeTrack could help your operations.