Risk Management

Managing risk is one of the most important things you can do. We can help you to do this efficiently.

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Risk Management

Managing risk is one of the most important things you can do. We can help you to do this efficiently.

Challenges faced

If an event or organisation defines objectives without taking risks into consideration, the chances are that they will lose direction and get into serious trouble when issues occur. Most organisations we meet have the following challenges:

  • An ‘informal’ approach to risks and issues is the most they do
  • Lack of understanding on how risk and issue management is done
  • A risk and issue register sitting separately to project plans
  • Staff lack the training and/or time to be risk managers
  • Risk and issues for events not given sufficient importance

How WeTrack can help

WeTrack’s risk and issue management module came about from our frustration at having overcomplicated processes and risk registers sitting separately to the main project plans. Our focus was to make a module that could be used by any organisation to help keep their operations on track. Using our risk and issue module we have helped clients:

  • Save costs by identifying risks early (when they are cheaper to resolve)
  • Understand risk management and make it simple for everyone
  • Prevent any dislocation between project plans and risk registers
  • Get required training and consultation on best practices


The Details

  • Impact and likelihood ratings automatically set risk ratings
  • Automatically align to Projects, Departments and Users
  • Create action steps and assign to users so they stay on top of them
  • Mitigation and Contingency steps
  • Simple to use interface
  • Automatic reporting functions
  • Control confidential items and user permissions
  • Draft risk status limits for those without full risk manager roles
  • An add-on to the project management module

Implementing WeTrack’s risks & issues module can take as little as a couple of hours from contract signing to live use. Generally, we like to follow the steps below:

  1. We will review your processes and your reporting needs
  2. We help configure the module or show you how to
  3. WeTrack provides training onsite or online, depending on requirements
  4. You’re up and running and WeTrack is available to support you at any time

During the onboarding phase you will have a dedicated account manager to help you get started, along with their phone number and personal email address.

After the training phase has been completed, WeTrack’s online support guide contains a wealth of material on the risks & issues module, including videos and forums. It can be found here and we recommend using that as first place to look if you want any guidance or inspiration.

In addition, you can use the in-app chat widget to talk to one of our team or you can send us an email to support@wetrack.com

How does WeTrack work

Still not sure what we do? This short video should help!


How WeTrack can help you

No two events or venues are the same and we pride ourselves on making highly customisable software to suit most organisations.

Please get in touch using this form and we can organise a quick call to learn more about you and whether WeTrack can help.