Venue Checks

Automate your checks before opening and throughout the day, with confidence and accountability.

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Venue Checks

Automate your checks before opening and throughout the day, with confidence and accountability.

Challenges faced

Having complete oversight across your whole venue or event is a challenge that no one can entirely overcome. But you need to take on the day confident that your venue is ready to welcome visitors.

  • Over-reliance on pen & paper checks reported over radio
  • Time consuming checks not being dealt with in real time
  • Radio and messaging taken up with unnecessary back and forth chatter
  • Sign-off documentation liable to be lost or damaged
  • Insufficient detail of checks


How WeTrack can help

Automating your event or venue checks allows more efficiency in preparing your site before the event and provides an indelible audit trail for accountability after the event. WeTrack's Checks module allows you greater visibility of the areas of your site that need checking before you can confidently say that you're ready to go.

  • Mark the results of your checks as you carry them out, on your mobile device, immediately informing event/venue control
  • Get an overview of the progress of site-wide checks on an interactive event control dashboard
  • Create maintenance jobs so that any failed checks can be dealt with by the relevant individual or team
  • Report by user or location to identify pinch-points or issues across the site
  • Keep entire indelible audit trail for ten years


The Details

  • Live visibility over all checks being carried out at any time
  • Create templates of what checks need to be carried out and where
  • Pre-opening, during the day, and pre-closing checks
  • Precise location mapping by zone, area or pin drop
  • Group your checkpoints and checks, and assign to a team member
  • Create sets of checks for specific events or dates, or re-use previous as templates for upcoming versions
  • Send to WeTrack users or external users
  • Schedule to send at a particular time or date
  • Red (fail), amber (not sure) and blue (pass) status for checks
  • Full audit trail of all history per set of checks
  • Dashboard of summary stats and detailed list of fails
  • Create maintenance jobs straight from failed checks
  • Report on live or historic sets of checks
  • Relate users to their appropriate call signs

Implementing WeTrack’s checks module can take as little as 24 hours from contract signing to live use. Generally, we like to follow the steps below:

  1. An onboarding specialist reviews your existing processes
  2. We help configure the system or show you how to
  3. WeTrack provides training onsite or online, depending on requirements
  4. You’re up and running and WeTrack is available to support you at any time

During the onboarding phase you are assigned a dedicated account manager to help you get started, along with their phone number and personal email address.

After the training phase has been completed, WeTrack’s online support guide contains material on the checks module, including videos and forums. It can be found here and we recommend using that as first place to look if you want any guidance or inspiration.

In addition, you can use the in-app chat widget to talk to one of our team or you can send us an email to

How does WeTrack work

Still not sure what we do? This very short video should help!


How WeTrack can help you

No two events or venues are the same and we pride ourselves on making highly customisable solutions.

Please get in touch using this form and we can organise a quick call to learn more about you and whether WeTrack can help.