Help get your people and assets ready as you prepare for your events.

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Help get your people and assets ready as you prepare for your events.

Challenges faced

Large scale or complicated events, particularly one-off events, major events or those being delivered for the first time, need to go through a period of testing to make sure they are ‘ready’. This readiness phase often involves tabletop exercises, simulations, walk-throughs and test events, depending on the event size. Capturing information from these often has:

  • Disjointed, manual, or cumbersome record keeping
  • Poor visibility of what is going to be tested and when
  • Manual and time-consuming reporting
  • Multiple spreadsheets and multiple sources of truth

How WeTrack can help

WeTrack’s Readiness module can help you plan all the items you want to test, how you want to test them and when. As readiness exercises happen you can capture test results, actions and lessons learned while automatically updating reports, dashboards and task lists. Some benefits include:

  • Excellent visibility of what the readiness programme looks like
  • Simple to use interface that can be updated during the exercises
  • Readiness dashboard summaries and widgets
  • Automatic report generation for every FA, Dept, Venue, Client Group etc


The Details

  • Completely customise and upload your activity/testing plans
  • Complex filters designed to handle thousands of capabilities
  • Dynamic capability ratings based on parameters selected
  • “Lookahead”, calendar and summary dashboards
  • Capture lessons and actions in filterable lists and assign to users
  • Trend summaries and advanced reporting
  • Automatic capability ‘Ready Status’


Implementing WeTrack’s Readiness module can take as little as 2 days from contract signing to live use. Generally, we like to follow the steps below:

  1. A specialist will review your readiness programme and reporting requirements
  2. We help configure the system or show you how to
  3. WeTrack provides training onsite or online, depending on requirements
  4. You’re up and running and WeTrack is available to support you at any time

During the onboarding phase you will be assigned a dedicated account manager to help you get started, along with their phone number and personal email address.

After the training phase has been completed, WeTrack’s online support guide contains a wealth of material on the readiness module, including videos and forums. It can be found here and we recommend using that as first place to look if you want any guidance or inspiration.

In addition, you can use the in-app chat widget to talk to one of our team or you can send us an email to

How does WeTrack work

Still not sure what we do? This short video should help!


How WeTrack can help you

No two events or venues are the same and we pride ourselves on making highly customisable solutions.

Please get in touch using this form and we can organise a quick call to learn more about you and whether WeTrack can help.