Frequently Asked Questions

We are commonly asked the following questions. If there is anything else you would like to know, or want to learn how WeTrack could help your operations, please get in touch at the bottom of the page or request a demo.

Our operations are small, would we need WeTrack?

We work with events, venues or organisations of all sizes, but typically with teams of 10 or more. We'd love to discuss your specific operational needs - and why not take our ROI calculator to see how much time, money and risk we reckon we could save you.

Is WeTrack just for events?

WeTrack was built for the events industry and now serves a variety of organisations across the sports and events sector, from local events, to national venues, to international federations and major events. Check out our list of clients to see who we have helped in the past.

Is it complex to set up?

This naturally depends on the size and complexity of your operations. We'll take the time it requires to discuss your needs and customise a system that works for you. Once we've done that right, onboarding and training won't take long.

How much does a subscription cost?

Check out our pricing page for full information on our pricing structures and modular subscriptions, or just get in touch - we'll listen to your needs and develop a proposal that suits the size of your operations.

Why use WeTrack instead of a different system?

We like to think that we have a number of plus points! We offer modules from longer-term project and event planning, through readiness and testing, and into incident management and event control, allowing us to provide real continuity and consistency. With each module underpinned by automated reporting, we can help you make real improvements across your operations, whether you're using one module or many.

We are currently using another system, so is migration easy?

This does depend on the system you are currently using. We have onboarding experts who will review your data, work with you to display it in our system, and continue to work to refine the look and feel of your WeTrack system and data until you're confident that it is working the best for you.

Can you integrate with other systems?

We can integrate with other systems and we are always looking to do more. If you'd like to suggest an integration or just want to know how our software could complement another part of your operations, do send us a message.

Can we arrange a demo?

Yes! We'd be delighted to provide an introduction to WeTrack and our modules. Just click here to arrange one.

Can we arrange a trial?

We know that you want to make sure that you are making the right decision for your business, so we are flexible in what we offer. Why not request a demo and we can continue the conversation from there?

Do you provide 24-7 system support?

With bases in London and Australia, we are well positioned to support clients all over the world. Our clients are our priority and we have a strong track record in managing support requests quickly and successfully, and have served major events and organisations around the world.

Would our data be secure in your system?

We take our information security responsibilities very seriously, and have been certified for information security according to the international standard ISO 27001. We would be happy to provide more information on how we work to keep your information safe.

How do we get started?

Just request a demo and we'll take it from there! We'll tell you about our software, you'll tell us about your operations, and we'll discuss how we can help you save time, money and risk with WeTrack.

Is there a WeTrack mobile app?

Yes indeed. We have a mobile App for both iOS and Android which can be downloaded from your favourite App store.

Can we control permissions and confidentiality?

Yes, we have a variety of permissions and confidentiality settings available. We can show you the full possibilities you have to restrict and enable visibility across your internal team as well as any external contractors or stakeholders.

Can we have an unlimited number of users, tasks, etc?

Yes! We ensure that our software is optimised beyond any demand that a client could put on it. There is no limit on the data that we can hold in the system, and optimisation for speed and performance is always top of our list when developing new modules and functionality.


How WeTrack can help you

If you have more questions or would just like an introduction to the system, please get in touch.