WeTrack™ provides a new way to manage projects. Born out of the London 2012 Olympic Games, WeTrack is a project management web application unlike any other. It covers the key principles in project management by combining all the best parts of an objective/tasking system with a full risk and issues register, but its lack of spreadsheets and other uninspiring interfaces sets it completely apart.

We believe that project management software is only useful when the information put into the system is up-to-date, accurate, and that information then drives further work. For this reason, WeTrack™ was built from inception with the end-users, not project managers, in mind. Everything about WeTrack has been built to allow the people on the ground to enter project risks, update their progress against pre-defined objectives and tasks using a Red, Amber, Green rating and then share the results with those that need to see it.

  • Full Tasking System

    Create objectives and tasks to form the backbone of any project.

  • Full risks and issues register

    See what’s affecting your project, ranked by priority

  • Internal algorithms do the work

    Fewer or less experienced project managers required

  • Excellent sharing of information

    Let all your stakeholders know in the click of a button