Below are our collection of guides written for the events industry.

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Below are our collection of guides written for the events industry.

Use operations software to save you time and money

Download our white paper to see how event operators and venue managers can use software to save costs. The backdrop to this paper is a bleak one for the industry, and we want to help businesses survive and emerge more sustainably.

The paper includes articles on the value of data, managing risk, choosing project and event management software, and much more, to help you with major events, venue management, or any aspect of your operations: we all know that there are savings to be made.


Helping venues and events to open again

Download our white paper to view our 7-step framework for re-opening venues and events during and after COVID-19. It includes articles on aligning your 'business as usual' and COVID-19 projects, seven pre-opening checks for your event or venue, and using digital run sheets to manage your event or venue's return.

Please get in touch if you would like to discuss any of the guide in more detail or are interested in hearing how WeTrack could help your operations.

How WeTrack can save you time and money

We want to help you make your operations better - and we know we have to prove that we can provide real value. Download our brochure to learn about our software that helps you deliver great events, manage great venues and run great organisations.

From project management and risk and issue management, through event and venue readiness, to run sheets, incident management and event control, we can help you get the basics right.